About Us

The Yoga Lounge has been offering our community with quality yoga instruction since 2004, offering a variety of classes including basic, gentle, all-level, intermediate and advanced vinyasa classes. Our style blends Iyengar alignment principles with an organic, slow flowing approach. All classes emphasize correct alignment and use of the breath. Students are encouraged to listen to their body and work within their own ability. Most classes begin with breathing exercises to calm and center the mind, move into a more active standing sequence of poses and then end with a deep relaxation.

For those of you who have never tried yoga, you’ll discover how it can help you improve  your physical health and enhance your emotional well-being. In addition to increases in flexibility, strength, stability and joint mobility, yoga can also significantly lower stress levels, improve circulation, develop mental clarity and focus, reduce the effects of aging, and enhance your overall quality of life.

While yoga can help you build and maintain a healthy body, it can also be used as an aid to traditional western healthcare approaches by preventing illness, improving current health conditions, as well as helping the body recover from injury and illness. It can relieve neck and back pain, joint and muscle stiffness, depression, anxiety and fatigue. Yoga works to bridge the gap between the mind and body using ancient and proven techniques designed to maximize your own personal potential for good health and vitality. In the process, you may discover a new sense of calm and stability in your life.

Give it a try! We think you’ll enjoy the experience!