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Discover a warm and open community where individual students are the focus of every class and quality yoga classes in a variety of styles and levels converge with mindful sequencing and alignment-based awareness.

About the Studio

The Yoga Lounge has been offering our community with quality yoga instruction since 2004, offering a variety of classes including basic, gentle, all-level, intermediate and advanced vinyasa classes. Our style blends Iyengar alignment principles with an organic, slow flowing approach. All classes emphasize correct alignment and use of the breath. Students are encouraged to listen to their body and work within their own ability. Most classes begin with breathing exercises to calm and center the mind, move into a more active standing sequence of poses and then end with a deep relaxation.

For those of you who have never tried yoga, you’ll discover how it can help you improve  your physical health and enhance your emotional well-being. In addition to increases in flexibility, strength, stability and joint mobility, yoga can also significantly lower stress levels, improve circulation, develop mental clarity and focus, reduce the effects of aging, and enhance your overall quality of life.

While yoga can help you build and maintain a healthy body, it can also be used as an aid to traditional western healthcare approaches by preventing illness, improving current health conditions, as well as helping the body recover from injury and illness. It can relieve neck and back pain, joint and muscle stiffness, depression, anxiety and fatigue. Yoga works to bridge the gap between the mind and body using ancient and proven techniques designed to maximize your own personal potential for good health and vitality. In the process, you may discover a new sense of calm and stability in your life.

Give it a try! We think you’ll enjoy the experience!




DIRECTIONS? Our studio is located at 114 1/2 N. Benton St. on the historic Woodstock Square in Woodstock, IL. Once you get to the Square, follow the one-way street to the right on the square, our studio faces west. Look for white, ceramic-tiled building on your right with large second story window with our logo, above Lloyd’s Benjamin Moore Paint Store. Our door is located to the left of the paint store entrance.

From Crystal lake: Take Rt. 14 West. Pass Rt. 47. Turn right at the next light, which is Dean St. Take that straight to the square

From Huntley/Algonquin: Take Rt. 47 North. Turn left on Rt. 14. Turn right at the next light, which is Dean St.  Dean Street will lead you directly to the square.

From Marengo: Take Rt. 176 East to Rt. 47. Turn left on Rt. 14. Turn right at the next light , which is Dean St. Take that right to the square.

From McHenry/Spring Grove: Take Rt. 120 West, following signs as posted. When you come into Woodstock and see the train station on the right, turn left onto Main Street, which will lead you to the square.

From Harvard: Take Rt. 14 South to Jackson St. Turn Left. Drive straight to the square.

From Hebron/Richmond: Take Rt. 47 South. Turn Right on 120 and follow signs for 120 until you see the train station on the right. Turn left onto Main St. which will lead you into the Square.

The Yoga Lounge in the Press

The Yoga Lounge in the Press

“Cara Chang Mutert – Helping Students Improve Their Quality of Life” by Sharon Steffenson, Yoga Chicago



Up the stairs, behind the wooden door to the left of Lloyd’s Paint and Paper is a place of peace and patience in a hurried world.  Cara’s nature of quiet observation, unparalleled kindness and exquisite teaching skills move the novice toward accomplished, the injured toward healed.  The staff of The Yoga Lounge mirror Cara’s accomplished knowledge and continued growth in the field of yoga.  If you are searching for a safe place to work towards a new self awareness go up those stairs!

–Ann Henslee

I am so grateful to have  found the Yoga Lounge.   Beautiful space, talented teachers and a transformative energy…..amazing place!  I feel healthier both mentally and physically. 

–Mark Mitchell

The Yoga Lounge is a perfect place to connect with others who are seeking like-minded travelers and companions on their life’’s journey.  

–Dodie Corcoran

I attended numerous classes at a variety of studio’s and Cara’s studio stands out because they take the care to focus on proper alignment rather than flowing through.  I greatly appreciate the knowledge and care to keep people safe.   

–Dorthy Robin

Benefits of Yoga

Benefits of Yoga

Reduces Stress

Eases Tension

Increases Strength

Improves Flexibility & Range of Movement

Manages and Alleviates Pain

Builds Muscle Tone

Strengthens Joints

Aids In Weight Loss & Management

Improves Circulation

Develops Mental Focus and Clarity

Minimizes the Effects of Aging

Calms Anxiety

Relieves Depression

Boosts Immunity

Accelerates Recovery from Illness

Enhances Overall Health and Well-Being

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

CLASS CARDS?  To adapt to varying budgets, class cards can be purchased in increments of 6, 10, 15, 20 and 30 classes, ranging from $90-$300. Based on the number of classes you buy, classes range between $10/class to $15/class. The more classes you purchase at once, the lower the rate per class. Class cards can be used for any regularly scheduled class, however they cannot be used for special events, which are priced separately. Otherwise, the drop-in rate is $18.  Class cards are non-refundable, non-transferable and expire in 1 year. 30 class cards do not expire and may be shared with family members. You can now purchase class cards on-line here on our website on our Rates page.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Most of our classes are drop-in classes, which means you can come to any class whenever you want. If you have not been to the studio before, just come a few minutes before class to fill out a registration card and you’ll be ready to go. If the class or event does require pre-registration, which is noted on the class description and class schedule, contact us by phone or email to sign up. You can also pre-register with payment for these special classes and events on our Events page right here on our website.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in. Choose clothing that’s not too loose fitting or thick and bulky, as it’s difficult to check for proper alignment. We practice yoga in bare feet, so no shoes are required.

WHAT DO I NEED TO BRING? Mats and props are available to use in our studio, but you can bring your own if you’d like.

IS YOGA TOO HARD? If you’re just starting out, yoga can be challenging, so it’s a good idea to start with a Yoga Basics or a Gentle Yoga class. You can easily move up to an all-level or higher level class if you find that it’s not challenging enough.

IS YOGA TOO EASY? If you like a strong workout and exercise on a regular basis, consider trying the Level II/III, Athlete’s Yoga or Level III classes. Yoga can be as challenging as you make it or as easy as you want it to be.

OFFICE HOURS? The Yoga Lounge is only open during class times. If you’d like to visit the studio, check the class schedule and stop in before or after class times, or call to make an appointment. We’d be happy to meet you there!

GIFT CERTIFICATES? You can purchase gift certificates in the studio, by phone, email or right here on our website on our Contact Us page.

HOLIDAYS? There are no classes at the Yoga Lounge on these major holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, New Year’s Eve and Day, Memorial Day and July 4th.  Any additional closings will be announced in the studio and on the class schedule page.

WEATHER CLOSINGS? Studio closings due to weather conditions will be announced on the class schedule page.

CLASS ETIQUETTE? Please try to be to class on time, but if you’re a few minutes late, please enter quietly, and join us after the centering/breathing section of class.  If you arrive early and another class is still in session, please wait in the stairwell or come in and wait quietly on the benches. Please take your shoes off before walking on the studio floor. And, remember to turn off your cell phone before class. Please refrain from using strongly scented perfumes or lotions as it can be distracting to other students in class.

DOES YOGA CONFLICT WITH MY RELIGION? No. Yoga is not a religious practice, but rather a series of techniques, including breathing exercises, physical poses and meditation, designed to bring balance into the body and mind. By reducing physical tightness, increasing strength and flexibility, releasing emotional holding patterns and improving awareness of the breath and mind, most students find that yoga supports their existing faith and deepens their connection to their own spirituality by bringing a sense of peace and balance into their lives.