“YOGANATOMY”- Summer Workshop Series w/ Michael Liang – 4th Saturdays, 1-3 p.m. Next class: Saturday June 22nd. Explore your alignment in this workshop series aimed to give students a strong foundational alignment experience by working with specific key actions in each area of the body. Each workshop will include key actions from the previous one(s) to create a synergistic strength and harmony within your asana practice. Attendance to all workshops is encouraged to thread together the alignment theory of all parts of the body, but you can attend any or all of them. Each workshop will combine gentle vinyasa and hatha yoga techniques for a full body practice, with a key focus on a different area of the body on 4th Saturdays of each month May – August.

June 22nd –  “The Center” – Hips, Spine and Mid-body
July 27th  – “The Branches”– Upper Body and Arms
August 24th “Sky”– Neck, Skull and Inversions (All Levels)
* All Workshop hours are applicable CEU hours for Yoga Alliance RYTs *

$40 per workshop. Please sign up below!

Michael Liang is a E-RYT 200 who has been teaching in the Chicagoland area since 2013. His teachers include Gabriel Halpern, Daren Friesen and Joy Apitow. He teaches a variety of styles including Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Flow, and specializes in personalized one-on-one yoga, yoga rehab and adaptive yoga. 

Yoganatomy – 4-part Workshop Series

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 SUNRISE YOGA IS BACK! – Saturdays at 7 a.m. with Theresa. Try this Level 2-3 early morning summer drop-in class ideal for active or athletic people, integrating some challenge and strengthening, as well as long holds in poses and stretches to release holding.

BREATHE IN NATURE – Outdoor Yoga & Meditation Summer Series with Cara. Third Fridays at 4 p.m.  (June, July & August)
Join Cara for this new special summer class series in the great outdoors on every 3rd Friday of June, July & August. Meet us at a different undisclosed outdoor location nearby, do a gentle yoga practice in nature, and end with savasana and a 10-minute silent meditation surrounded by nature. Sign up in the studio or email me with your name and cell phone and we’ll text you where to meet us! Come to one, two or all three! Regular class card fees apply and/or donations to support Warp Corps.

YIN YOGA, First Fridays with Jon at 5:30. Next class: July 5th. Sink in, settle in and unwind in the slow grounded monthly class with Jon that focuses on releasing muscular holding in the hips and low back and spine. Drop in and class card rates apply.

FREE COMMUNITY CLASS! Sunday, July 21st at 4 p.m. Love offerings welcome!

KNOW YOUR CORE – for Pelvic Floor and Bladder Health. Saturday, August 3rd, 1-3 p.m. Learn how to identify and activate your pelvic floor muscles to better understand and optimize your body’s longevity and potential in this special workshop with Laurie Hesch, Licensed Physical Therapist and Pelvic Floor Specialist, and Cara Chang Mutert on exploring asanas to help you experience this sometimes elusive but important area of strength and support in our bodies. Laurie brings more than 30  years of PT knowledge and experience and 15 years specializing in pelvic floor health in men and women.  $40 in advance.

GUT HEALTH with Ayurveda, Friday, Sept. 13th 6-8 p.m. with Dr. Swati Mhaske. Ayurvedic medicine concentrates on prevention and understanding one’s own makeup. It focuses on how the outer world and environment affect one’s daily life. This is a 5,000-year-old mind/body healing system based on Vedic knowledge fused with modern science.

Gut Health – An Ayurvedic Perspective    

  • What is Gut health and Digestive Fire?
  • Ayurveda on Gut health and diseases
  • Prakriti (Individual Constitution) and Digestion Correlation
  • Healthy Recipes Handouts- 2
  • Six tastes and Gut health
  • Poor Gut health and remedies to support it.

The concept of agni or digestive fire, the prime source of a healthy Gut Health- the Sanskrit word for “fire,” is rather essential to the Ayurvedic tradition. Ayurveda views agni as the very source of life. It is said that a man is as old as his agni and that when agni is extinguished, we die. Perhaps even more significantly, Ayurveda teaches us that impaired agni is at the root of every imbalance and disease. This lecture is intended to give you a deeper understanding and appreciation of agni, while offering you some practical tools with which to tend to your own agni. Pre-register $45.

*Please note: All online transactions include a $3 processing fee.