Up the stairs, behind the wooden door to the left of Lloyd’s Paint and Paper is a place of peace and patience in a hurried world.  Cara’s nature of quiet observation, unparalleled kindness and exquisite teaching skills move the novice toward accomplished, the injured toward healed.  The staff of The Yoga Lounge mirror Cara’s accomplished knowledge and continued growth in the field of yoga.  If you are searching for a safe place to work towards a new self awareness go up those stairs!

–Ann Henslee

I am so grateful to have  found the Yoga Lounge.   Beautiful space, talented teachers and a transformative energy…..amazing place!  I feel healthier both mentally and physically. 

–Mark Mitchell

The Yoga Lounge is a perfect place to connect with others who are seeking like-minded travelers and companions on their life’s journey.  

–Dodie Corcoran

I came to yoga about 11 years ago, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Since then, Cara has been my first and best yoga teacher; I can’t say enough about her teaching style, endless patience, and ability to help all practitioners to learn how to understand their bodies and integrate yoga into their lives.  After a serious spinal injury, I returned to yoga and gradually reclaimed almost all of my previous flexibility; I also have learned to notice and observe feelings and sensations in my own body, how to move to protect my weak spots, and how to work on quieting my mind.  Cara accepts students as they are and where they are, and her approach is one that is both gentle and challenging.  I cannot say enough about the amazing impact yoga has had on my life and health. 

–Cynthia VanSickle