New to Yoga

Yoga Props Woodstock IllinoisIf you’re new to practicing yoga, please keep this in mind:
  • Listen to your body. Work within your own personal limitations.
  • Remember, yoga is non-competitive and non-judgmental.
  • Everyone’s body is different and moves in its own unique way.
  • What feels right for your body IS right for YOU.
  • There is no one perfect pose.
  • If a certain posture feels good to you, feel free to stay there longer and gently work through the pose with your breath. It’s o.k. to skip the next pose or two and rejoin us when you’re ready.
  • On the other hand, if another posture feels uncomfortable, painful or puts undue strain on your body, always back off the pose. Either move back to the previous posture or simply come to Mountain (standing pose),  easy sitting pose or child pose.
  • The beauty of yoga is that YOU choose what’s right for you. With your teacher’s guidance, you make the adjustments in each pose based on what your body is telling you that particular day.
  • Try not to eat 2 hours before class. A full stomach can make some poses feel uncomfortable. If you must eat, try a small snack like a piece of fruit or yogurt.
  •  Please try to be to class on time, but if you’re a few minutes late, please enter quietly, and join us after the centering/breathing section of class.
  • If you arrive early and another class is still in session, please wait in the stairwell or come in and wait quietly on the benches.
  • Please take your shoes off before walking on the studio floor, remember to turn off your cell phone before class, and refrain from using strongly scented perfumes or lotions as it can be distracting to other students in class.
  • Before you begin class or your practice at home, consider setting an intention for each session. Whether it’s simply to relax and unwind, improve your physical strength and flexibility, release an emotional stumbling block, or even to send positive thoughts to someone else in your life, you’ll find that setting an intention will enhance the effects of your yoga session.

  • We end every class with a deep relaxation, called savasana, which is a critical element to the calming effects of a yoga practice. Do your best to resist the urge to move, fidget, get ready to leave or leave early. If you absolutely must leave early, tell the instructor before class and set up in the back of class so that you can leave quietly without disrupting the other students.
  • Stay focused and present, remember to breathe, and enjoy!!!