Ease of serendipity

March 2013

This March marks our 6th year on the Woodstock Square and it reminds me of how easy things are when they are meant to be.

Although it was kind of a tough sell when I decided to teach yoga more than 9 years ago in my husband Rob’s gritty old skatepark filled with loud children and banging skateboards, despite the distractions in this less-than-zen environment, yoga students braved the elements to come and take class. The space served me well in my first 3 years in Woodstock, and it is in fact where we came up with our name, since the space doubled as “The Parent’s Chill Lounge” when it wasn’t The Yoga Lounge.

Then a little over 6 years ago, I was walking around the square posting flyers for my classes at the skatepark when I saw an inconspicuous handwritten “For Rent” sign on the door at 114 ½ N. Benton St. I had often looked up from the square at the big beautiful stained glass window thinking, “Now that would be a seriously cool place for a studio.”  My heart jumped a little, but I kept canvassing and dropped off a flyer at The Backdrop and another at Jailhouse Potters. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the sign, so I looped back around and went into the paint store and asked if I could look at the space. Before I was even halfway up the stairs, I could feel it was right. When I saw the light beaming in from the skylight and front window, I knew it was perfect.

I made the decision within a few days and within 3 weeks, the wall was down, the paint and floors were up, and I was in!! It really was that easy. Since then, the studio has blossomed, and of course I have all of you to thank for supporting me, many of you who followed me from those early days at the skatepark. I am deeply grateful to all of you.

When I look back at the many turning points in my life, it’s clear to see the ones that were meant to be came easily. Everything just fell into place, with some effort, but just right effort. Not too much, not too little. Just like the asanas we practice in class. Just like the flow of breath we learn to connect with in our pranayama.

Whatever life has in store for you next… your hopes, your dreams, your wishes… may it come easily…

With much love and gratitude,


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