It’s been 10 years today!


Our first class on the Woodstock Square, 10 years ago.

Time flies when you’re inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly!

What started as almost a whim, teaching 2 classes a week to anyone who might want to give it a try, teaching yoga has developed into a full-blown life for me. And with your trust and support over the years, I can now look back and say it’s been a real gift. Through the process, I have learned how to ride out storms with some sense of ease, and figured out how to look at the bright side of things without too much effort or convincing.

While yoga started as a way for me to stay nimble and fit, it evolved into the way I choose to move through life. While life’s mountains and molehills continue to challenge me, I seem to have found not necessarily a way to master them, but to slowly ascend the mountains with awareness, sometimes avoid the molehills, and just as often, fall into them with acceptance.

Through my almost 25 years of practice, I’ve learned not only that Warrior I is a lot harder than I originally thought, but so can be life at times. When I focus my attention on the intricacies of each pose, day after day, week after week, year after year, I realize that every day in my body is different, and the practice of doing the pose continuously changes. Breath by breath.

What separates yoga from any other experience in my life is that it offers me perspective into myself, others and the world, in an everyday way that doesn’t involve magnificence and grandeur. Its consistency has the power to teach me something every day in a very ordinary way about ordinary life.

To each and every one of you who walked up those stairs, thank you. Together we built this safe and warm community. May your practice strengthen and sustain you. Here’s to many, many more years of sharing space, time and our hearts together.

With love, gratitude and wishing you peace always,




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