Faith in what is…

kintlaWhen life hands us a challenge that feels insurmountable, “Why?” usually echoes in our minds. Oftentimes there isn’t an answer, but believing that life is unfolding the way it was meant to can provide some comfort.

The ebb and flow of nature is a perfect example. As we come out of one of the deepest winters we’ve had in decades, we’ve all been awaiting spring like a child awaiting Christmas morning. The anticipation of the first crocuses and daffodils sprouting from the cold, damp earth is one of nature’s many symbols of hope. It’s nature’s way of assuring us that life does go on and a time of growth and lush abundance will once again return.

Nature provides us endless analogies for life, since after all, it is life. Like the breathtaking view from the top of a magnificent mountain range to the valleys, steep drops and blind curves on a mountain trail, life can be as beautiful and stunning as it is scary and filled with unknowns. Droughts, fires and floods can all but decimate thousands of acres of forest, but when the smoke and ash settle, and the water recedes, soon signs of life miraculously reappear.

Life demands us to brave the storms in order to see the clouds part and the sun stream through. The balance of nature and its natural state of abundance serves as a constant reminder that no matter the obstacles, it will eventually be ok. When relationships or situations seem impossible to resolve, when worry, doubt and fear consume our minds, nature reminds us that nothing is forever and with time, everything will eventually change and evolve. With the same patience and tenacity of nature, we grow stronger and gain endurance through the process.

So when life gets dark, having faith or shraddha, can help us see the light at the end of a seemingly endless tunnel. Trusting the natural flow of life can help you get there. Just as icy waters flow down from the snow-capped peaks above, through jagged waterfalls and glistening streams to the rocky riverbed below, it follows a path that feeds, nourishes and provides for all the living things that depend on it along the way. It’s nature’s way.

During difficult times, though we may not see movement or change occurring on the surface, like the stillness of a morning lake, life is always stirring below. The way it was meant to. That is the nature of life.


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