INVERSION WORKSHOP, Handstands and Forearm Balance, THIS Friday, Sept. 27th, 6-8 p.m. with Jon Uidl . Only a few spots left! Change your perspective and overcome your fear of inversions. Learn preparations for handstands and forearm balances and how to use a myriad of props to set up your body for a safer and more fulfilling inversion practice.  $35 in advance. $40 at the door.

FREE COMMUNITY CLASS! Last Sunday of the month at 4 p.m. Love offerings welcome!

YIN YOGA, First Fridays with Jon at 5:30. Next class: Oct. 4th. Sink in, settle in and unwind in the slow grounded monthly class with Jon that focuses on releasing muscular holding in the hips and low back and spine. Drop in and class card rates apply.

ACCESS YOUR INTUITION WITH THE ELEMENTS OF NATURE, Saturday, October 5th, 1-2:30 p.m. with  Stephanie Lindloff –   Would you like to cultivate your natural, intuitive ability and gain more clarity in your life? Are you interested in finding stillness more easily throughout your day?  It all stems from a deeper connection with yourself, and Nature is your guide. A simple daily practice of mindful connection with the Elements of Nature strengthens your intuition in profound ways, and brings more stillness into your life.  Earth. Air. Fire. Water.  In this workshop you will:

  • Learn how to easily and comfortably connect with the Elements, even from indoors.
  • Learn how deepening your connection with Nature enables you to find stillness and access your intuition.
  • Be gently led in a guided inner journey with an Element.
  • Gain practical ideas to begin and sustain a simple daily practice of connecting with the Elements.
  • Leave inspired, refreshed and with a personal message from your natural, intuitive wisdom.

Bring a journal, something to write with, water to drink, and your love for Nature!

Stephanie Lindloff is an intuitive life coach who helps women find fulfillment by reconnecting with their own intuitive guidance and the powers of Nature. Learn more about her work at


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Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25 – 26th – Master Teacher: GABRIEL HALPERN 

Weekend Theme: 
“Shakti: Women and the Future of Yoga”
Many portents of what is stirring now world wide bid us look ahead to what’s next. And what is next?  The future is female. Once the bastion of male dominated hierarchies, women have taken over the yogic leadership in America in unprecedented waves. Across our country additional versions of the Me Too movement have been advanced by women with much insight to add the the public sphere. This weekend’s focus will be on the  recognition of the Goddesses within the yogic tradition as well as honoring the triple Goddess as embodied in diverse cultures across the globe.
    • Oct. 25th, Friday, 6-9 p.m. – Saints, Sages & Mythological Icons. JUST A FEW SPOTS LEFT!  Yogic postures are often named after Gurus, Rishis, and other famous practitioners of this noble art. We honor names like Bharadvaja, Vasishta, Marichi, Matsyendra, and Hanuman, as well as plants and animals like Padmasana, Vrksasna, Simhasana, and Garudasana. Tonight’s class will be a fun practice that reminds us of the yogis of yore and their stories. $45/workshop in advance. $50 at the door.
    • Oct. 26th, Saturday, 11-2 p.m. – Twists & Inversions: Restorative Practices to Heal from Trauma, Anxiety & Depression – SOLD OUT!- All life has a sorrowful component. No one is free from feeling this aspect of their humanity. Yoga is one of the best choices to adapt and cope with the facts of existence and the shocks we have all been heir to. The ultimate holistic discipline for combating anxiety or depression, a good yoga practice grounds you in the here-and-now and keeps the mind free from jumping ahead to the unknown future or languishing in the already gone past. Because of its creative nature, yoga helps a person express themselves in a way that bespeaks freedom and releases tensions and forces that have held us down. This workshop is designed to bring you the calm and focus needed to be self aware, relaxed, and critical in our thinking about the thoughts we choose to focus on and highlight restorative poses that relax the nervous system and keep the heart open to devotion and compassion. Please note: Saturday’s workshop is CURRENTLY FULL. Please only use the form below if you have already signed up in the studio. If you’d like to be added to the waiting list, please email us and we’ll add you to the list. All on-line transactions include a $3 processing fee.

      Gabriel Halpern Workshops

      Friday and Saturday, November 8-9th – AMBER COOK 

      Friday, 7-9 p.m. – Women’s Circle

      Releasing ceremony. What are you told about your body, your value, your roles, and identity? What would you like to change the language around? We will move and meditate together as women supporting each other to create more connection, empowerment, and strength as we continue to go forward into a time of great change. Have you been looking for more connection to the women around you? Have you been searching deep connection to other powerful women? Have you been looking to polish your confidence and a deep connection with yourself? Come and share this night with many others that feel the same way. 

      Saturday, 11 a.m. -1 p.m. – Chakra Flow

      A Chakra is where the physical body meets the psychological body. In this class move fluidly with circular motions to open up your body in a different way. We will explore postures, mudras, visualizations, mantras and themes for each chakra. Leave feeling  rejuvenated, invigorated and free! 

      Saturday, 2-4 p.m – Restorative Practice and Journaling

      Journaling prompts weaved through restorative postures is a profoundly healing practice. All yoga postures will be supine or seated. Journalling is personal and not shared. Come and let your heart and soul reconnect and rest. 

      Save $10 when you sign up for whole weekend series!

      Amber Cook Workshops


      Friday, Nov. 22th, 7 p.m. – LISA DEVI – Sound Journey

      Through guided meditation and sound healing, you will have plentiful time to rest, meditate, contemplate and marvel while Lisa Devi creates an evolving soundscape of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Native American Flutes, vocal mantra meditation, crystal harp, chimes, and many other instruments. Sound Healing (Nada Yoga) frequency vibration help shift our state of being (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) back to our nature state of harmony. This is frequency medicine, bringing a vibrational massage all the way down to the cellular level to unwind the mind and bring deep relaxation and inner peace. In these states of consciousness, participants may experience enhanced creative vision, self and soul learnings, and release from all things exacerbated by stress.Please dress comfortably in clothing that allows easy movement. Blankets and cushions provided, but you may wish to bring your own if you like to have lots of padding. Pre-register $30/$35 at the door. This workshop usually sells out, so sign up soon! Learn more about Lisa Devi at:

      Saturday, Jan. 18th, 1-4 p.m. – LINDA BENTON – Yoga for Scoliosis and Back Care

      This workshop will introduce you to the major curve patterns, anatomy of the spine, muscles affected by back pain, along with lung capacity and how yoga for back care and scoliosis will be key to releasing pain to address your affliction/curve pattern while stretching and releasing tension in tight muscles and strengthening the muscles that have become weak. Linda’s teaching is a reflection of her own practice and studies. She’s known for her precision and well-organized lessons, and feels this approach helps students to quiet their minds by connecting with breath and body, but most importantly heart. $45 in advance. $50 at the door. Linda’s full credentials –

      Friday, Jan. 24th, 6-8 p.m.  – MICHAEL BETTINE – Gongtopia – Gong Bath

      Please welcome back special guest percussion artist Michael Bettine and start your New Year with a Gong! Tune in, tune out and settle in for a relaxing night with the beautiful vibrations and gentle sounds of gongs,  bowls and bells.  Pre-registration required. $25 in advance. $30 at the door.