Class Descriptions

Woodstock Yoga LoungeDegree of Difficulty:

1 = Gentle/Beginner

2 = Moderately Challenging

3 = Challenging

Woodstock Yoga LoungeALL LEVEL YOGA

A class suitable for all levels with modifications given for varying abilities. Classes begin slowly and then progress into more strengthening and energizing exercises, before moving into the restorative section of class. (2)

Child's Pose Woodstock Yoga LoungeGENTLE YOGA/RESTORATIVE

Appropriate for beginners and those who prefer an easier, slower-paced class. This class is well-suited for those who enjoy or a more relaxing, gentle style of yoga. (1)


This class is an all-level class that emphasizes and explores primary poses and alignment. This class is great for beginners as well as those looking to continue to work on building their practice through continued study of the foundations of yoga.  (1-2)


A class designed for those new to yoga. The session will introduce you to key foundation poses and  alignment points. The session will move progressively, preparing you to eventually move more comfortably into an all-level class.  (1)


A moderately challenging class geared to build strength and endurance through flowing sequences. This is a stronger, flowing class with a focus on alignment, core strength and flexibility. Classes are thoughtfully designed to enhance your understanding of your body and the practice and to bring you back to center by balancing the body and mind. Some previous yoga experience suggested. (Level 2-3)


This more challenging, faster-paced class is an intermediate class appropriate for those who already have some experience in yoga and are comfortable with a vinyasa or flow format. Not recommended for those brand new to yoga, or those with injuries or health conditions. Some previous yoga experience recommended. (Level 2-3)


Build strength and stability and release tight muscles in this all-level class that will explore different poses and techniques to help you gain a better understanding of your body, improve your flexibility and focus. (All-Level)

Yoga Basics Woodstock Illinois


A class designed for those who have limited mobility due to chronic pain, injuries or health issues. Classes primarily take place on or with the use of chairs and are very gentle in nature. Ample props are used to make poses safe and accessible. This class is well suited for seniors and those managing or recovering from illness or injury. (Level 1)

Restorative Yoga Woodstock IllinoisYIN YOGA 

This slow, relaxing, gentle class is offered once a month on First Fridays at 5:30 p.m. with Jon. This class is designed to release deep holding patterns in the hips, low back and spine through grounded poses held for a longer period of time. (Level 1-2)